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Sun, Oct 11, 2020
Sun, Oct 04, 2020
Sun, Sep 06, 2020
Explore how God's got this! From the beginning of time until the present day. God has never failed us and will never fail us. A very encouraging message for today.
Sun, Aug 30, 2020
Learn about these topics. Are we in the end of the end times? Are we all going up in the rapture? What are the five truths regarding Bible prophesy? Why is May 14th 1948, important to us?
Sun, Aug 23, 2020
Another way of saying "Jesus promised it and it hasn't happened yet" It is impossible for God to lie "Fear not for I am with you" If God promised it, then it will come to pass. Don't put your timetable of God
Sun, Aug 16, 2020
Listen to Pastor Melinda explain the truth from the word of God about the subject of Once saved always saved.
Sun, Aug 09, 2020
Learn the three definitions of a crisis. Why in the Bible is Bible History? What is our part in all of this?
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